3.8 Quality control and statistics

5.10 Statistik, Tracking und Nutzung


 Quality control before publication (metadata, licence, SEO, etc

Motivation, overall goal

To present an overview of vital statistics and quality checks related to courses, content and profiles

Current status

State of the art, general conditions

Keep track of data, analysing in each profile context


UX concept

User needs

  • A teacher needs high-quality content or a measure of quality check on the content.
  • An editor needs to show others what kind of problems and how many problems have I solved for the community.

Feature walkthrough

Assistant switch bar

A list of services is shown how BOERD KI assistant can help like Lizenz assistant, statistics, quality check etc

Statistics info

Statistics show 6 sections containing information on various contexts like profile, content, user's activity

1. Total views show graph with total content views high lighted by the current day's number. The graph can be hovered to see previous data, an option to filter data by 7 days, 2 weeks and a month is provided for alternate view.
2. The count of total published courses by the user
3. A list of user's most used courses  by the community with the course name and count and option to see more list items
4. Count of marketplace orders, How many did the user requested and how many did he perform in the community.
5. The representation of demographic profile visiting the user profile or using his courses 
6. The count of recommendations received from the community for good work.

Quality check
The quality check provides rating (low, med, high) for content/Course. It also gives tips and suggestions to improve the score like adding more metadata etc

BOERD AI service 
KI service tracks all data and alarms in case some statistic data need more attention. 

Data wallet usage
Option to store data in data wallet for gamification and profile competencies.


IT concept

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