3.6 Community: Learning and cooperation partners


Display of possible learning and cooperation partners if users wish to be contacted

Motivation (overall goal)

To promote community and healthy cooperation between various partners eg teachers, editors and experts. 

Current status


State of the art (general conditions)


UX concept

User needs

  • A teacher wants to be in close communication with other colleagues for tasks & support eg. If a teacher is ill, I can take over to prepare the course
  • A teacher has a question or needs support with materials or her course eg specific material in her prefered licence 
  • A teacher needs to ask help from editors/ teachers to solve difficulties while creating content eg. lizenz, legal assitance
  • A teacher needs to communicate and solve the difficulties of individual learners.

  • An editor needs to communicate effectively with teachers/colleagues and provide expertise
  • An editor needs to give/ receive tasks from teachers/colleagues for support in improving content quality, e.g. legal reviews, licenses, etc.

Feature walkthrough

  • Community Start Screen- marketplace 
  • The marketplace is a section that allows creating orders in the community for experts to see and solve particular issues.
  • At the start, there is an option to create an order, select problematic material(image with incompatible license), or see already created orders. 
  • In the create order, details are asked to explain the order of the problem eg Title, description, order price etc
  • After submitting, the order i published in the marketplace and the list of offers by experts is seen,
  • The author of the order can choose which offer pleases his needs
  • Order is confirmed and the expert works to solve the problem and publish it when it's complete
  • An option to recommend an expert is given for the service provided

BOERD AI service 

Tracking problematic material and suggesting to create orders.

Data wallet 

Data wallet stores information like recommendations in the community, expert connected etc


IT concept

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